1. Foundation Course (6th-8th) - Basics
  2. College Preparatory Course (9th-11th) - Intermediate
  3. Higher Level Preparatory Course - Advanced
  4. Short-Term Cram Course (3-6 Months)
  5. AP Art
  6. Art High School
  7. Preparatory Course for MFA (Masters)
  8. K-5th Grade Junior Class (At the Fullerton location only)

 *Graphic Design  *Digital Media  *3D Design  *Advertising Design  *Visual Communications  *Fine Art *Illustration  *Entertainment Design  *Interior Design  *Fashion Design  *Environmental Design  *Architecture  *Product Design  *Animation  *Game Design  *Sculpture  *Photography  *Studio Art  *Toy Design  *Industrial Design

Acceptance Results/Only Merit Scholarships

School of Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC)

Amy Chang ($79,800 Top 2% + Study abroad in Europe), Estelle Song ($80,000 Top 1%), Jane Byun ($30,000 Top 10%, International Student) Sandra Kang ($55,000), Soyoung Choi ($26,400), Harrison Jeong ($66,000), Jane Jang ($44,000), Jenna Kang ($55,000), Ashley Choi ($55,000), Jimmy Park ($44,000), Dohoon Kim ($16,000, International Student), Monique Lee ($52,800), Chloe Kim ($63,320), Derek Kwon ($51,000), Monica Han ($50,400), Kevin Gao ($60,000), Jacob Yi ($52,000), Jinny Yun ($62,000), Jenny Choi ($32,000), Josh Kim ($55,000), Sin Young Kim ($32,000), Jane Lee ($32,000), Gracia Yoo ($32,000), Shawn Lee, +50 students in the past. 

Rhode Island School of Design (RISD)

Harrison Jeong ($112,000), Diane Park ($80,000), Angela Yoo ($40,000), Chloe Kim, Kevin Gao, Jane Lee, Josh Kim, Jane Jang, Ashley Choi, Jimmy Park, Cindy Son, Won Yong Yoo ($110,000), Michelle Cho ($80,000), +20 students in the past. 

School of Visual Arts (SVA)

Jenna Kang ($74,000), Angela Lee ($60,000), Harrison Jeong ($74,000), Chloe Kim ($20,000), Kevin Gao ($40,000), Jenny Choi, Faith Jin, Sin Young Kim, Terry Kim, Jane Lee, Gracia Yoo, Soyoung Choi, Ashley Choi, Eunice Park, JooYeon Kim, Monique Lee, Derek Kwon, Monica Han, Jane Byun, +25 students in the past. 

Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA)

Jacob Yi ($45,000), Monique Lee ($70,000), Sin Young Kim ($32,000), Sandra Kang ($80,000), Harrison Jeong ($80,000), Jane Byun ($80,000 Presidential Award and International Student), Amy Chang ($50,000), +25 students in the past.

Art Center College of Design

Lloyd Kwak ($38,000), Monique Lee ($31,000), Derek Kwon ($70,000), Faith Jin ($50,000), Jane Lee ($40,000), Ashley Kwon, Michael Lee, Davin Oh, Cindy Son, Terry Kim, Rachel Hong, +20 students in the past. 

Otis College of Art and Design

Jacob Yi ($62,000 Presidential Award), Jinny Yun ($64,000 Presidential Award), Lucy Jun ($62,000 Presidential Award), Chloe Kim ($60,000 Presidential Award), Angela Lee ($64,000 Presidential Award), Josh Kim (Full Scholarship), Miryung Kim ($80,000 Presidential Award) Lloyd Kwak ($80,000 Presidential Award), Faith Jin ($60,000 Presidential Award), Jane Lee ($60,000 Presidential Award and Top 5%), Jennifer Lee ($80,000 Presidential Award), Shawn Lee ($80,000 Presidential Award), Andrea Cruz ($40,000), Monica Han ($48,000), Megan Kim ($48,000), Richard Lee ($40,000), Kyungrok Chun ($40,000), Jooyeon Kim ($40,000+), Jane Jang ($40,000+), Ashley Choi ($40,000+), Eunice Park ($38,000), Harrison Jeong ($48,000+), Sin Young Kim ($32,000), So Young Choi ($40,000+), Erica Sun, Andrew Avina, Jenny Kim, Davin Oh, Cindy Son, Mina Yoo, Terry Kim, +50 students in the past. 

Pratt Institute

Jimin Park ($128,000 Presidential Award), Ashley Choi ($80,000), Harrison Jeong ($80,000), Jane Jang ($64,000), Chloe Kim ($84,000 Presidential Award), Kevin Gao ($84,000 Presidential Award), Monique Lee ($80,000 Presidential Award), Derek Kwon ($76,000), Jacob Yi ($73,000), Jane Lee ($60,000), Gracia Yoo, +20 students in the past. 

Parsons the New School

Jane Jang ($120,000 Presidential Award), Boaz Shin ($120,000 Presidential Award), Tammy Bai ($30,000 Dean's Scholarship), So Young Choi ($34,000 International Student), Jenny Choi ($36,000), Jane Lee ($36,000), Seo Jeong Kim ($40,000 International Student), Caroline Suh ($80,000), Sarah Lee, +20 students in the past. 

Ringling College of Art and Design

Diana Han ($80,000 Top Student out of 1,400 in 2011), Won Young Yoo ($80,000 Top Student out of 1,400 in 2012), Amy Chang ($58,000 Deans Scholarship), Monica Han ($80,000), Derek Kwon ($87,920), Kevin Gao ($30,000), Chloe Kim ($48,000), Faith Jin ($40,000), Sin Young Kim ($40,000), Harrison Jeong ($40,000), Angela Lee ($34,000), Kyungrok Chun, +20 students in the past. 

University of Southern California (USC)

Sandra Kang ($80,000), Dohoon Kim, Jenny Choi, Terry Kim, Jane Lee, Diane Park ($80,000), Rachel Hong, Suha Kim (Full Scholarship), Ashley Kim,  +10 students in the past. 

California College of Art (CCA)

Jenna Kang ($132,000 Presidential Award), Angela Lee ($132,000 Presidential Award), Harrison Jeong ($98,000 Presidential Award), Jane Jang ($100,000 Presidential Award), Monica Han ($80,000 Presidential Award), Monique Lee ($85,200), Chloe Kim ($88,800 Presidential Award), Faith Jin ($40,000), Jane Lee ($40,000), Andrea Cruz ($40,000), Megan Kim ($52,000), Derek Kwon ($52,000), Jacob Yi ($50,000), Kevin Gao ($52,000), Jimin Park ($80,000), Jooyeon Kim ($40,000+), So Young Choi, Ashley Choi ($52,000), Eunice Park, Jane Byun ($60,000), Miryung Kim ($98,000 Presidential Award), Lloyd Kwak ($98,000 Presidential Award), +30 students in the past. 

California Institute of Art

Diana Han ($40,000), David Lee ($25,000), Jeesung Yang, +20 students in the past. 

Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD)

Angela Lee ($88,000 Presidential Award), Harrison Jeong ($88,000 Preidential Award), Kyungrok Chun, Sin Young Kim, +10 students in the past. 

Laguna College of Art and Design

Ashley Kwon ($30,000), Lloyd Kwak ($38,000), Andrea Cruz ($22,000), Megan Kim ($30,000), Jenny Kim ($30,000), +20 students in the past. 

Carnegie Mellon

Sandra Kang ($140,000), Kevin Gao ($80,000), +10 students in the past. 

New York University (NYU)

Sandra Kang ($140,000), Sarah Song ($120,000), Heather Choi ($100,000), Caroline Suh ($80,000), +15 students in the past. 


Students received merit scholarships and were also accepted into Harvard, UCLA, Yale, Stanford, Cornell, FIT, Syracuse University, Emory University, Rice University, Boston University School of Visual Arts, SCIA, RIT, University of Chicago, Williams, SFAI, University of the Arts London, Central Saint Martins, College for Creative Studies, Cornish College of Arts, Tyler School of Art/Temple University, FIDM, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Moore College of Art and Design, Washington University in St. Louis, Boston Museum of Fine Art, Pennsylvania College of Art and Design, Hartford Art School/University of Hartford, Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Cranbrook Academy of Art, Los Angeles Art High School, Orange County Art High School, Private Art High Schools in CA and NY, and etc.